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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  December 2, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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entire clouds over us: cloud cover will continue to stream in. very light rain well to the north. lake county. temperatures in 24 hours. napa 20 degrees warmer. two degrees cooler e. san jose is four. mostly in the north bay. a lot of cloud cover. our system on tap for tomorrow. most of our energy is ledling north. copious amounts around seattle and the oregon coast. for us, we'll get some rain. not a lot. high clouds. a little warmer. chilly morning. mid 60s morgan hill. santa cruise. and 4:30. what do you have in anything? >> we don't have a lot which is good. we want to keep it nice and easy for everyone. let's start off with the east shore freeway u. that would be a nice look at the drive between the mcarthur maze taking 17 minutes. that is about as low as it gets to
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drive that stretch. traffic is moving very nicely. there is not a lot going on when it comes to slow-down: that is not a major deal. westbound 580. dublin interchange. the westbound 580 looks okay. roadwork should be gone. 4:31 let's go back to the desk. here is a lock another top stories. fire investigators are looking into what sparked a fire in an office building. flames shot from the porto bello complex at p 15:00 last night. several businesses were damaged. mark zuckerburg and his wife have made two major anuancementses. the first is that chan gave birth to a baby girl.
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the couple announced they will commit had the 9% of their facebook stock to organizations that support causes like fighting disease, improving education, harnessing clean energy, reducing poverty and promoting equal rights. tonight the san francisco police commission is to vote on rules for body cameras. the most lotly depated focuses on when officers can look at the video from the cameras they wear. groups on both sides of the issue have strong feelings about how the commission should able. >> san francisco police officers are expected to be using body cameras next year. and the police commission has to decide on tonight are the rules that determine how police use those cameras. the commission is still undecided whether the officer can see the video recorded by his or her body cam. officers should be able to see it before they write the
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recourt. other groups say they show -- that should not be allowed. >> an office credibility should be evaluated on what he said and writes down at the time, not something they have a chance to go back and tell their story based on what they are seeing. >> now, the san francisco police officer's association disagrees. the organization is running radio ads. police officers should be allowed to use all resources available to them to write their reports on any incidents. the meeting is scheduled at 5:30 at san francisco city hall. back to you. in san jose, a toys "r" us will open as usual. it's following a wild police chase that ended inside the store. >> three shots fired. >> police chase a stolen car in at about 1:00 yesterday afternoon. the owner of the stolen car tracked his car on initialingspad until officers took over. police say during the pursuit, the suspect rammed
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into three cars including a police car causing officers to shoot. >> your friend's car has bullet holes in it. >> i saw that. that was bun of the first things i said to her. there were four bullet holes right on the side of your car. >> the suspect drove into the toys "r" us and ran into the store to hide. it was full of holiday shoppers. officers were able to arrest the man who was later taken to a hospital to be treated for injuries no customers were hurt. los angeles looking for a missing visual defense who grew up. the 27-year-old drove his new range rover to a food for less last tuesday and has not been seen since. his parents traveled from the bay area to los angeles to look for him. they have posted missing signs. they are worried sick about what may have happened to their son. >> he has been lugging his backpack. -- hugging his backpack. >> you have been hugging his backpack.
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>> yep. >> do you any the car is at the root of this? >> i think that is my impression. we know he was actually driving that car. now, police say so far there, is no evidence of foul play. he has worked on such films at san andreas and the avengers. concord police are trying to figure out if the city's latest homicide is connecting to three other recent killings. the body of 126-year-old lewis was found near the playground at hill there's park early yesterday morning. he had opinion shot at least once. there are many homes near the park, and police say they didn't receive any reports of gunshots. we talked with several parent who is say they think the park is safe but they want to be identified. >> in is a very family- oriented park where people come to play. >> i don't see myself canceling this park out at all.
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>> there is the 4 had the homicide in concord since september. the other three were along the monument boulevard corridor. until september, there had been no had hads -- homicides in concord in more than a year e. the district attorney has filed charges against the so-calmed hot cop. chris cores fastuous felony counts of hit and run. expected to be arraigned tomorrow. he was driving a car that hit and injured two people over the weekend. that crash happened at 2:20 on sunday morning near the interferer section of broadway and montgomery in north beach. investigators say his orange dodge charger hit two men in a crosswalk. sources tell ktvu oxycontin was found in the car with a prescription made out to cores. two passengers were left behind. one of them was his brother. he has been on medical leave and was off duty at the time of the crash. today in san francisco, a coalition of community groups will speak out against plans to build a new jail.
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a board of supervisors committee is meeting to discuss spending $215 million to fund a new jail. the coalition wants the money to go to social programs and preventative measures. san francisco's district attorney will release the results of a new study that raises concerns about building the jail. over the next day or two, 40 families must boil their water or find a clean source. their water provider has told them not to drink the water because of a broken super line. affected areas include 40 homes on fallen leaf lane, penny way, lan, theis lane. a contractor hit a suer line. the you tillty says people need to boil their tapwater. repairs are being made right now. people in santa rosa will be paying more for water upped a new plan approved by the city council.
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water rates have gone up every year for more than a decade. now the council has approved five years of rate increases that total a 14% rate hike. that means the average water bill would go up $19 by the year 20/20. temperature city council says it will reexamine the rate increases annually to decide if that year's increase is needed. for the first time since they became mandatory, california did not meet governor brown's water retacks. water dropped 26 compared to act to be 13. five% after that. water resources board says october's warm weather likely caused more water use for lands. and 7 pounds per person per day. and cumulative water saving since june are at 27% statewide. now, a snow survey taken yesterday puts the water content in the
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sear i can't at 56% of normal for this state. ollas december, just 24% of normal. recent storms have help ed, but they're still a long way to go to recover from the throughout. new guidelines could be coming to san francisco that would make it easier to organize big festivals and events in the city. day individual campos introduced legislation that would set a clear timeline on the application process for both event organizers and the police department. police have the final say on alcohol permits and the number of officers event organizers need to hire for security. for years, organizers have complained that the home loss is too complicated and unpredictable. >> lawyers. they are maize. nineteen-0 under interim head coach luke walton. the honor he received coming up despite not getting official credit for any of the team's wins. plus guns and football games.
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the organization that says fans will be safer if off duty police officers are armed inside the stadium. morning commute not bad. you are one of those people who has to get on the road early. right now, a live look at the silicon valley. and you can see traffic looks good getting up to highway 17. and the weather looks warmer. i wouldn't say it looks good, but it looks warmer. the lows are in the host. and the afternoon temperatures are warmer as well. there's a lot of high clouds. any rain? i'll have an undate on your forecast. ok, we're here. here's dad. mom. the twins. aunt alice...
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mornings on 2. security protocol at u. u.s. sporting eventest is coming under question. a police union is asking the nfl to lift its ban on carrying guns in order to keep fans safe.
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now, the national fraternal order of police, the country's largest police union, is making this be. the group is asking the league to tweak its policy and allow off-duty or retired officers to carry a gun into nfl stadiums arguing that off-duty police officers are the best bet for stopping a terrorist attack inside a stadium n. a letter sent to the league last month, the union writes quote, well-attended venues and areas are being deliberately targeted by the radical killer who is do not intend or expect to survive the assault. the decision to ban guns at nfl games was made prior to the 2014 season. many fans seem to be on board with the idea. >> it's a novel idea. some challenges come be it. >> i don't have a problem with off duty copings carrying a weapon any time if they are sober. >> i think it's a great idea that they are able to dare, you know. it makes that whole place safer. >> we all recognize that we are in dangerous times and harnessing or leveraging
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off duty police sources from police departments is a great idea, butch it's going to roomed out correctly. >> the flay term order has pinned letters to the cleaver land blowns and cincinnati bengles franchises urging them to push the nfl to lift that ban u. here in the bay area, there will be extra focus on security for superbowl 50. federal, state, and local canine teams will take part in a helicopter training drill at the coast guard air station in san francisco e. today's draining comes just a few weeks after a big security drill involveling a number of law enforcement agencies. officials in san francisco are still trying to figure out who will pay for the cost of the rerouting muny during superbowl and all the afestivities in thety. in the weeks leading up to the big game, extra service will be added u. some lines will be rerouted for superbowl events there in the city. and according to the examiner, there are no plans for the superbowl committee to pay for the additional transit costs. that means the city would be responsible
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for picking up that tab. head coach luke walton may not be getting credit for any of the wins so far this season. he is getting some recognition. he was named western conference coach of the month. the warriors are off to a 19-0 start under him. the head coach steve curr recovers from back surgery. victories awarded the -- a 0-0 record. >> obviously winning is on honor u. it's more of a reflection to what was set up and the way our players aa homecoming. testify curry outhouses right u. >> which is -- it has been
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very well known. had you ever heard of that? >> well, yes, only because i know -- >> before steph, though. that college is now on the map. >> yes. i don't remember. ever since steph has been a thing. >> drafted. good morning, everyone. by the way, another thing about the warriors win streak, it's good for the team as a whole because the warriors brand is just -- good morning, everyone. let's take a look at the roads. and start off on 24 westbound. nice huff looking drive on 608 -- 680 clear e. at the bay bridge toll plaza, we have a five- minute delay with that. and another five or seven minutes before you cross into san francisco. right now is a good time to be doing that commute. now, we
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mentioned 24 and 680. i want to also talk about highway 4. it is off to a good start from antioch to bay point and concord. southbound 101. that is also off to a good start. 4:47. let's go to steve. before we get to our weather, i want to show you something that you don't see all the time. and the system that stretches for 6000 miles. the low up around minneapolis, click chick and the great lakes. it stretches all through new york, washington, down to atlanta, the deep south. cuts across southern texas, goes across mexico and almost out to the hawaiian islands. how about that? this is a monster of a system. we are focusing on bun coming not from the north. it will stay to the north. we do get a lot of high clouds. the lows are up. a little bit of light lain to the north. for us, the milder warm side in the santa clara valley. host. where did nose 40s go. look at the
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temperature difference in 24 hours. up 15. up 19. up 8 for santa rosa. most are up in the single digits. mountainview says we're two degrees cooler. most, especially in the north bay way above because of the cloud cover streaming in. our system for tomorrow in advance of that a lot of these higher clouds. on the mild side, a little southerly breeze will help warm things up. a lot of this ener why i is driving northward. we will get some out thursday. the please will pick up as well. today it's warmer with a lot of high clouds. a chilly morning. not cold. mostly cloudy to the north. partly sunny to the south. a lot of east. and 60s. even some mid 60s to maybe 67. looks like gillroy and santa cruise. a pretty mild pattern here. tomorrow, we'll start off mild. that system will sweep in here with some rain heaviest to the north. lesser amounts to the south. cooler on friday. okay in the weekend. another system brushing the north bay sunday night. >> tomorrow rain in the morning? >> i was thinking in the afternoon. >> at least a little bit. >> a quarter to a half.
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maybe an inch north of santa rosa. >> specifically what time left? >> 4:00 p.m. more rain in the south bay than the north bay u. santa rosa is less than 25% normal. >> that's interesting. >> we all need it, that's for sure. >> rain, too, pamela. we need -- we need it u. a tradition that started here in san francisco and spread nationwide. but this year, some stores in new york city are protesting against santa for this year's santacon. now, signs like this bun have gone up at several stores. it leads no love for santacon. drunken santa are not welcome here. now, if you have never heard of santacon, here is an example. other each year, thousands of people dressed like santa go pub-crawling in cities nationwide. this year's santacon will be held on saturday, december 12ing the. the posters in new york stir have sparkled a debate
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here in san francisco to whether the e vent is acceptable. hmm, okay. 4:49 is the time. new concerns about the homeless in san jose in particular after a death is blamed on exposure. in 20 minutes, the city's plans to fight the problem that could include temporarily lair housing in a motel. >> school kids in san francisco get the lesson of a lifetime. how they pay tribute to those who have lost their lives due toids.
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you. before overturning on the overpass and then spill debris all over the road. two people will in the hospital. they are expected to survivor. -- survive. the driver said his brakes were not working. the investigators plan to inspect mechanics to figure out what went wrong. under public pressure, rom emanuel has fired the police superintendent over the killing of an african american team by a white police officer. the mayor says the public's trust in the city's police force has been eroded by its handling of the shooting of mcdonald. officer jason slain dike is charged with first degree murder.
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demonstrators are furious that it took a year for the release of the dash cam video that shows the officer shooting mcdonald 16 times. they say the mayor and others should also resign. those were -- those who are responsible for misconduct need to live office. >> illinois attorney general lisa mattigan has asked loretta lynch for federal investigation into the patterns and practices of chicago's police force. one of the two so-called san francisco witch killers is being considered for patrol -- parole today. seventy-three-year-old susan carson and her husband, michael bear carson were convicted 30 years ago of killing three people in northern california. they were sentenced to 75 years to life but they're noel judge for parole because of a federal court ruling seeking to ease prison overcrowding. the couple says they were on a quest to rid the world of witches and others thought to oppose their religious beliefs.
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michael carson canceled his parole hearing acknowledging he still has those religious beliefs. the man charged in connection with the deadly 2012 shooting rampage in oakland is due in court this morning. juan gauche set to appear at 9:00 a.m. ifer a competency hearing. he's charged with seven counts of murder and three counts of attempted murder. a judge ruled in 2013 that he was incompetent to stand trial, but prosecutors believer he's now mentally competent. well, there was a touching tribute to the lives lost to theids open determine trick elementary school children in san francisco. four had the and fifth graders from harvey milk academy paused to write the names of a number of people who died of aids in chalk on the castro street sidewalks. the names were provided to the children by volunteers, and along the way, some people saw what they were doing and requested names of their own. >> i think it helps had people and the
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memories until -- >> the idea came from a volunteer at the school to give the young students a connection to that difficult time in the city's history as part of world aids day yesterday. a treasure trover of beetles memorabilia is set to be auctioned off in beverly hills. the items are from ri inego star's collection and inclouds a set of drums that he used to record many of the beetle's early hits. stars auctioning off one of jon lennon's guitars and the first copy of the white album. the column can fetch hundreds of thousands ofs. the auction is set to run from tomorrow through saturday. proceeds will go to the lotus foundation which is a charity supported by ringo star. >> a lot of people are interested in those items. coming up in our 5:00 hour, after much debate, the city of berkeley is moving forward with a plan to regulate the
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activities of homeless people on city streets. we will take a look at some of the new bans and how opponents are responding this morning. and flames rushed through a business complex in oakland's square. the questions firefighters still have surrounding their investigation this morning. and here we are looking at the bay bridge. a day in the life of the bay bridge as we all come together to take that bridge. there are no major problems here as you get into san francisco . . there are a few 30s out there, but there are a lot more 40est due to the high clouds coming not. will this lead to rain? not today? it's going to lead to warmer temperatures. we'll show you those. +a;'
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who died from being out in the cold. we'll fell you about action that city leaders are taking to find home -- to find housing for those who are living outside. >> plus, the growing number of bids are pulling food product notice he response to an expandinge.coli outbreak. here in california and starbucks and other
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companies are taking action. >> welcome back, december 27. >> i think steve is trying to make your happy. it's not as cold. >> i think he's trying to get better. >> i'm trying to do both. >> there are a lot of people sounding sick. >> alex savidge. him too. >> i have that broadcaster voice this morning. way have high clouds. there are a few upper 30 past. maybe they're in the 40s. high clouds favoring san francisco. still some filtering through to the south. fort of -- 40s ton oar


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